A black traditional style rolltop bath with silver claw feet

The retro bathroom trends making a comeback in 2024

Authored by SophieJay
Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2024 - 13:39

The new year is bringing about the glorious revival of retro bathroom trends that are shaking up the design landscape. Bathroom experts at Westside Bathrooms take a trip down memory lane to predict the classic styles making a comeback this year.

1. A pop of colour with vibrant hues

Colour sets the tone once again. Experiment with avocado greens, peachy corals (inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024), deep blues, and dusky pinks. These vibrant colours are making a bold comeback, creating a real impact when used on tiling features or wall paint. The fusion of colour can provide a much-needed boost to dark or dim areas and help bring out the personality of your home. 

2. Terrazzo temptation: the return of speckled surfaces

Terrazzo is back with a bang. The composite material gives a mosaic appearance and is made using a combination of marble and quartz. Terrazzo adds tone and texture, giving an extra edge to plain tiles and making the perfect alternative for bathroom floors, walls, and backsplashes.

3. Let it glow with brass and gold accents

Metallic finishes have always been a staple, but brass and gold are now firmly one of the top choices when adding finishing touches to your space. Swap out the plain stainless steel and chrome and add some elegance and warmth with brass and gold, which are perfect for cabinets, lighting fixtures, and faucets. 

4. Vintage bathtubs are back

Bathe in retro style with freestanding bathtubs, clawfoot tubs and sculptural designs. These vintage icons blend modern comfort and classic charm seamlessly. Add these to your bathroom renovation for a touch of class or to create a functional statement piece. 

5. A play on patterns with retro tiles

Patterns inspired by classic art styles are back on the scene, encompassing geometric designs, intricate florals, and bold motifs. Patterned tiles will give your bathroom an arty look and feel and add character to your space.

6. Elegant antique-style vanity units and mirrors 

Antique mirrors and vanity cabinets are making a resurgence with Edwardian styles, curved frames, and vintage finishes. Bringing out a touch of the old world while offering practical storage and charming character, classic pieces are an effective way to turn heads and showcase your personal style.

7. Illuminating your space with stylish lighting

Lighting fixtures don’t have to be dull and grey. Take inspiration from history and allow your fixtures to become much more than just functional elements. A host of vintage and retro-style chandeliers and pendant lights are out there, ready to take you back in time whilst showing off your interior design flair. Ranging in bespoke shapes and finishes, these can cast a warm glow to any room. 

In a nutshell, 2024 is all about embracing the renaissance of retro bathroom trends and reviving the beauty and timelessness of past design trends.