April Hamilton Interior Design studio based in Cobham Surrey

Interior Design Studio April Hamilton, Reveal Their Top Luxury Refurbishment Tips

Authored by Anna01
Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - 18:58

With a studio based in Cobham, Elmbridge is a much sought after property hot spot, with neighbourhood homes regularly selling for millions. In fact, it’s the most expensive place in Surrey to buy a home.

April Hamilton work across the UK designing family homes to Chelsea townhouses, beach-front properties in the Isle of Wight and villas in Palma, Rosie and Charlotte have secured a well-earned reputation as consummate professionals, who understand how to creatively bring their clients dreams and lifestyle aspirations to life.

How have the homes of people living in Cobham and Surrey changed over the years?

Charlotte & Rosemary commented “We've seen a shift towards more contemporary but homely designs, the integration of smart technology and an emphasis on outdoor space, has massively evolved and become more of a necessity now too.”

Overall, they’ve noticed an increase in clients seeking a more holistic and homely lifestyle, with the aim of creating a calm and soulful environment - to retreat to, due to their ever-increasing busy lifestyles and schedules.

The luxury of connecting with nature

Connection to the outside world and nature has become more important, leading to the inclusion of garden rooms, outdoor kitchens and orangeries becoming must-have additions.

Some clients opt for outdoor swimming pools to elevate their living and wellness experience, whilst adding a unique and fun touch to their garden too.

What’s the one design or refurbishment mistake you always see people making?

Charlotte & Rosemary commented “Not having well thought out lighting design is a very common mistake. It’s crucial for setting an ambiance, highlighting architectural features, enhancing the functionality of a space. Without proper lighting, whether that be architectural or decorative, even the most beautifully designed room can feel dull and uninviting. And of course you need to adjust throughout the year too.”

Similarly, the duo note, bespoke joinery, including built-in cabinetry and storage solutions, plays a vital role in maximising space efficiency and maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic – not enough people invest here, and it really adds long-term value to your property too. Ignoring these elements can result in missed opportunities to elevate the overall look and feel of a room.

When it comes to adding value to your home, what investment do you always recommend?

With the ever-increasing prices of properties, especially recently purchased properties, investing in an interior designer, like April Hamilton is vital. 

Bespoke fitted joinery, exquisite storage, high quality finishes throughout and functional layouts, will always add value to a home, and these are key areas an interior design company is well placed and experienced to advise you on.

A well-designed home not only enhances the aesthetic appeal and experience for your family and guests but ensuring refurbishments have been properly executed with trusted builders, decorators, and craftspeople, are vital for future-proofing resale value.