Landscape Gardeners are seeing an uptick in numbers

Authored by tomdummer
Posted: Friday, July 5, 2024 - 16:26

Natural Stone Consulting have discovered some intriguing data about an increase in landscape gardeners, that can be a sign of how many of us value the outdoors. 

The data gathered from Statista shows that during the third quarter of 2023, 165,000 people were employed or self-employed as sustained landscape gardeners. This is up 15,000 in comparison to 2021, which comes in with 150,000 people employed in the field. 

It’s clear that this uptick in landscape gardeners is a sign that more and more people are interested in the idea of having a professional take care of their garden. 

Career Development Opportunities

Another reason for this increase in numbers could be down to the career development opportunities associated with becoming a landscape gardener. The salary bands can range from an apprentice on £9,139 all the way up to a business owner, at £47,853. This brings a salary difference of £38,714. 

In the years ahead if popularity and demand for landscape gardeners continue to grow, then we are more likely to see salaries increase further, which is promising for people willing to work in this field. 

What is a landscape gardener?

You may be thinking, what is a landscape gardener? Landscape gardeners are defined as an individual that can design and implement a new garden scheme, including producing plans, site clearance, ordering of materials, hard landscaping and planting. They work closely with the homeowner, to ensure you maximise the use of the outdoor scheme.

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