Transform these viral IKEA storage essentials into unique pastel tableware this Spring

Thinking of perking up your dinner parties or the kitchen this spring? Home designer Yvonne Ellen gives her top two seasonal DIY home inspirations to transform these best-selling viral IKEA essentials into unique home décor items that are sure to add that wow factor:

There is something special and quite satisfying about giving an object a little remodel to create something that is...


DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Decorating your home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be costly. However, there are plenty of ways to add a personal touch to your home without breaking the bank. With a little creativity and some DIY skills, you can create beautiful and unique home decor pieces that will add character to your space. In this blog post, we'll explore some DIY home decor ideas on a budget that you...

Home DIY improvements

The scariest DIY mistakes that homeowners make

Research by property maintenance solution provider, Help me Fix , reveals what the scariest home improvement mistakes are, based on the financial repercussions of DIY disasters within the home.

It is estimated that the average cost of making a home improvement mistake in the UK is just under £4,000. However, for Londoners, a DIY screw up results in a far more terrifying average...

Home maintenance

The home maintenance tasks that have climbed by £60 in cost over the last year

Research by property maintenance solution provider, Help me Fix , has revealed that as households continue to struggle with the ever increasing cost of living, some of the most common maintenance jobs have also climbed by as much as £60 in cost.

Help me Fix analysed the average cost of eight common household maintenance jobs, from painting to brickwork pointing, and how this cost has...

How-to avoid most common home maintenance mishaps

HOME MAINTENANCE DISASTERS: 63% of escape of water claims caused by burst pipes

-Insurer urgers homeowners to take care when doing DIY to avoid costly mishaps-

  • Admiral has produced a series of How-To videos to help homeowners tackle simple maintenance tasks
  • 40% of homeowners have never considered how condition of home impacts insurance
  • Accidental
  • ...
Paint Spilled on Carpet

Insurance giant reveals two thirds of DIY claims caused by decorating

DIY DISASTERS: 65% of DIY claims caused by decorating - Insurer urges homeowners to take care when doing DIY to avoid costly mishaps
  • 40% of homeowners have never considered how condition of home impacts insurance
  • Accidental damage claims account for 47% of all home insurance claims during the pandemic
  • 44% of homeowners don’t think they’ve EVER had an electric
  • ...
English Garden

40% of Brits are looking to transform their outdoor spaces this year

With 40% of Brits set to transform their outdoor spaces this year, Jeyes Fluid , the British heritage outdoor cleaning specialist, today announces that it has joined forces with award-winning stylist and interiors writer, Melanie Lissack, to launch its ‘Creative Spaces’ Initiative, to inspire Brits to upcycle and repurpose leftover and forgotten items, to help transform their outdoor spaces...

Do it yourself

11 Expert Tips to Save £11,560 on a DIY Home Renovation

Kitchen – a saving of £7,000

Professional cost: £8,000

DIY cost: £1,000

Refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic with vinyl wrap

Parminder Mew, Construction Director at Darcy Construction, says, “If your worktops are looking a little outdated and you’re seeking an instant solution, covering them with a quartz overlay is a fantastic trick. Quartz overlays simply slot over your...


6 Tips To Keeping Your Home Limescale Free

With winter in full swing and the pandemic still upon us, Brits household appliances and plumbing will be suffering from lockdown limescale, as more of us work from home and use hot water this season.

Once hard water is heated it creates a chalky off-white crust that creates limescale that is hard to clean off and makes appliances look tired and worn. Limescale can be found in...


Dodgy Home DIY Jobs Could Cost You £20 000 to Fix

  • Knocking down a wall could have catastrophic financial consequences - £20,000 plus to be exact!
  • The second priciest dodgy DIY job is wiring electrics with potential costs of £2,000 plus
  • Fitting new flooring is another popular DIY project inciting hefty costs to fix - £1,200 !

According to Google trends, there was a 59% and 21% increase * in...