4 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pond Crystal Clear

Dive into the serene ambiance of a crystal clear swimming pond, where every ripple resonates with nature's tranquil tune. Achieving that pristine clarity is an art intertwined with science. It beckons a harmony between natural elements and modern solutions, curated meticulously over time.

Ponds by Michael Wheat epitomizes this finesse, orchestrating an eco-friendly and luxurious...


Give your garden back to nature

If you’re stuck for garden ideas, one way to spruce up your outdoor space while giving back to nature is by attracting wildlife. Not only will it help the plants and animals, but it will also give you a garden full of interesting species.

Don’t worry - you don’t need Noah’s ark or a Pied Piper to attract wildlife – here are some easy ways to nurture the natural world with your...